Saturday, January 08, 2011

you see the most innnnnnnnn-ter-esting people ...

... when waiting to meet someone at the airport. To quote that wascally wabbit, "Monsters lead such innnnnnnnn-ter-esting lives."

It's fun to try and match the folks waiting for arrivals with those getting off the plane:

Some folks still "dress" when they go on a plane. Some should have someone help them dress when they go on a plane. Do they think they are already poolside?

Mothers coming home to hug cute babies left with grandma. Grandma coming to visit cute baby.

A woman with the strangest stride I've ever seen, part runway, part department of silly walks. Some really uncomfortable footwear—four-inch heels to wear on the plane, walk in the airport? Better you than me.

Too many folks walking and talking to themselves—via their Bluetooth headset. Ten years ago we would have been calling Bellevue ...


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