Thursday, December 18, 2014

throwback (holiday) thursday: christmas lights

From 2012


From 2011

From 2010

worth Avenue Xmas tree

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

klara kristalova: childhood dreams and nightmares

I am loving a current exhibit at the Norton Museum of Art so much - Klara Kristalova: Turning into Stone. The Czechoslovakian-born artist, who is based in Sweden, makes clay and porcelain sculptures which conjure the world of fairy tales, childhood, fantasy, and at times, horror films. Her show at the Norton, which is part of the RAW (Recognition of Art by Women) initiative, is both dreamy and creepy. Whimsical animal creatures surround a sleeping girl, which suggests childhood dreams, while other pieces are more nightmarish. Her watercolors, which are also included in the show, are interesting, but it is her work in sculpture that really impresses.





"When you're a child the reality and the fantasy mixes up."

Happily, her work is on exhibit until March 29, 2015, so I will be able to visit and revisit it many times.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

back to the museum i go ...

I am currently in the docent training program at our local art museum, the Norton Museum of Art. I have been taking part since October, and have been enjoying it immensely. It's actually quite a rigorous program, but that is one of the things about it that I like the most. We have been learning the collection, and reading lots of articles on museum education.

It's like going back to art school and it couldn't have come at a better time for me in my life right now. I have been a little out to sea since my mother took a fall a year ago. Transitioning from a full-time caretaker who also was trying to work on her own creative writing to a part-time — what, exactly? Between shuttling between my mom at the nursing home and daughter's schedule and my own quest for personal improvement, mentally and physically — I wasn't exactly concentrating on any creative projects.

My first "practice tour stop" was on this exquisite jade carving from the museum's Chinese art collection,  "Figure of Mulan on Horseback."


Adding the Norton to my schedule should have pushed my over the edge, but actually, I think being back in a museum environment and looking at art and talking about it with like-minded people has actually helped my focus even more on my own work and health. At least I hope so. Change is hard, but I have always believed that it is good. And getting to immerse myself in art and ideas for me is beyond good.

Monday, December 15, 2014

visiting hours

I've been thinking lately that I need to stop worrying about my mother. Every time I go to see her she seems happy. Happy to see me. Content with her surroundings.

Maybe she isn't really suffering. I am.

I am he one holding onto the pain, the grief, mourning the woman that I've lost, while she is still here.

I have lost a lot. I can no longer have long talks with my mom. or arguments. We can't go out to eat, or to the movies, or museums. But we can still smile at each other and spend some time together. We can even watch TV together. We can laugh and make faces at each other.

That's actually quite a lot.