Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the winter of our discontent

Last year in D.C. I thought I had experienced one of the worst winters in history. Three back-to-back blizzards, lasting through the end of February, dubbed snowmageddon and snowpocalypse. But according to the news, last year was nothing compared to this year's winter. And we don't have to guess what Punxatawney Phil will predict today.

Blizzard #1, 2010

Not only was last year cold and full of ice and snow, but it was also an emotional winter for me. I had to watch a very dear person die, week by week, and the fact that the weather messed with planned visits didn't help. I also had to accept the fact that my mother's memory issues were no longer just weird or a small problem but something that would require action on my part, and soon—basically packing up the kid and everything and moving to Florida and in with my mom to take charge and take care.

Of course with the way things have been going weather-wise, this now seems like a genius-stroke.


Blizzard #3, 2010

I still miss my cousin terribly. My mom's vaguer than she was a year ago. I can't say that the fact that the temperatures here will be in the 70s all week make any of those still-sad feelings all better, but maybe it helps take the edge off a bit. I know that when I was experiencing hard times last year the cold and gloomy weather didn't help.

I just hope that all of my friends and family who are getting more and more and even more snow and ice and who may also be going though some hard times take care of themselves. It's hard when it's white-out weather to remember that the crap will eventually melt.

Happy groundhog day.
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