Monday, June 20, 2011

no sugar added, part deux (or is it trois?)

I've been feeling lately that I've let myself go nutritionally — it's been stressful with my mom's back injury, and when I get stressed I want to eat crap. And when I want to eat crap the inevitable 10+ pounds start to creep in. So before I start going down a shame spiral I can hopefully nip this in the bud.

And what are the prime offenders? Soda, natch. Cookies or a regular form of dessert. Fast food — not the food itself, actually, but the not having to cook that evening is my reward. But I can also buy ready-made salads instead of Mickey D's fries, so that bud is easily nipped. The soda thing is hard, because if it's in the house, it's easy to drink, and for some strange reason it seems to be the only thing my mom wants to drink nowadays. I have been sneaking in Gatorade to her OK beverage list, but Dr. Pepper still tops her list.

I really don't want the kid to become a soda junkie, because you don't have to read any of the many recent reports to know that kids drinking and eating too many empty calories is a set-up for all sorts of bad health down the line. An occasional soda as a treat if we're out, fine. And don't even try saying diet soda, because the only thing worse for your body than regular soda would be diet soda.

So for myself, I'm re-instilling my "no sugar added" regime, for at least a month, hopefully three. That's usually what it takes for me to get the getting-back-in-shape ball a -rollin' After the initial three-month deprivation period, the sugar is not only not missed, but it just doesn't taste that good.
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