Monday, February 20, 2012

birthday buffet lunch

The kid chose where to go for her birthday lunch and picked Crazy Buffet, a local pan-Asian restaurant. She has always had a pretty adventurous palate, although recently it has seemed that when we go out to eat the only thing she can see on the menu is mac and cheese. So I was happy to take us there and to watch her choose edamame and rave about the General Tso's chicken and other offerings.


Jackfruit, from Bangalore Metblogs
I don't normally like the sweet stuff, but at this restaurant one must sample the unfamiliar dessert delicacies as well as the delicious green tea ice cream. The discovery of the day was jackfruit (the yellow and white strips of fruit at the bottom left of the top picture). I had never seen anything quite like it, but a nice man standing next to me at the dessert bar explained what it was. Apparently the fruit is quite large, about the size of a basket ball. When it is cut open there are many little pieces of fruit inside. These can be boiled and cut in strips and prepared in a sweet juice, like the dessert at the restaurant. It tasted like chicken — just kidding. It's a little like an apricot in taste and texture. It was yummy.

by the koi pond

After lunch, a visit to the multiple koi ponds outside the restaurant is always a necessary and fun thing to do. The fishes act frantic and starved, but they are obviously well-fed and cared for.

hungry koi

The day was capped off with a very chocolatey cake and a very happy little girl. Make a wish!

happy birthday
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