Thursday, August 30, 2012

wtf target?

Target has become our go-to store, instead of the -marts, K and Wal, for household stuff like cleaners and paper towels, last-minute groceries, and especially children's clothes. Target has been trying a "Macy's Lite" approach with kid's clothes recently, inviting designers and personalities like Gwen Stefani and Shaun White to sell up-market lines. But they also continue to have their own house brands, which are inexpensive, cotton, and usually pretty colorful and cute. We have found a lot of great clothes and bargains there for a rapidly growing eight year-old.

These skirts are cute, versatile and completely appropriate

At the start of the summer I bought my daughter four or five "scooters," a kid version of the skort, with ruffles and built-in shorts that were great for everything from going out to eat to bike riding. But the last time I was in the store I was in for an unpleasant surprise. Target has recently seen fit to redesign the scooter and the results are disastrous. Instead of the cute little skirt she wore all summer, we are now being offered a micromini that barely covers a kid's underwear. These are sized for girls 6-10. They are a pedophile's dream.

This skirt looks like they just cut off the lower ruffle of the top skirt and ran out of fabric. It's way too short.

What the hell is the thinking behind this? It's hard to believe that Target has run out of cotton fabric and had to shrink the skirt. That they redesigned to make them cheaper to produce, yes. They certainly look cheap. The skirts are so so short teens and adults would hesitate to wear them. What idiot thought these would be appropriate for little girls to wear? The Shirley Temple look went out of style a long time ago, and was never such a hot idea in the first place.

Don't bend over, Shirley.

I am extremely disappointed in Target and hope these are a resounding flop. I am not looking forward to seeing elementary school kids sporting these items. Bring back the old design. Let kids dress like kids.

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