Thursday, January 10, 2013

what a letdown

A new grocery store opened nearby the other day, that is apparently part of a chain, called ALDI. But what a disappointment. We wandered through the aisles and there wasn't a single thing there that looked tempting or even palatable to me. Admittedly, I'm a much more picky food shopper these days, trying to buy fresh and organic food as much as possible, and trying to steer clear of processed food as well. So ALDI, which seems to fashion itself after the food section at Costco, is definitely not for me.

What also seemed a bit upsetting was that not only was all the food featured from brands that I had never heard of before, but that it was also unclear where the food — whether meat or fruit or vegetable, originated. Times are tough and everyone is looking for bargains, but it seems that one of our most basic needs, to feed ourselves, is consistently where our country falls short. Consumers consistently get offered crap to eat and for the most part, accept it.

It is apparently a German-based food chain which is looking to open stores all over south Florida:
But the German-based grocer, whose U.S. headquarters is in Illinois, has indicated it plans to open about 20 stores in the county and 60 throughout South Florida. The West Palm Beach store will make nine in South Florida. ALDI claims to save shoppers 50 percent over other supermarkets. — Palm Beach Post
The store claims to offer quality merchandise, but there was certainly nothing organic or locally-produced in its bins. I suppose it is good that there will be local jobs created from the opening of these stores, but I have to admit that I'd far rather see local Publix supermarkets expand, or get a closer Whole Foods market — I currently have to travel a few exits on I-95 to get to the closest one. Publix continues to expand its organic offerings which make my trips to Whole Foods more occasional than regular.

I don't think we'll be going back to ALDI anytime soon. I am curious as to whether the locals will take to it. I have to admit that part of me hopes not.
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