Sunday, February 03, 2013

well, that was unexpected ...

I haven't been able to use the USB ports on my laptop for a while. It's been quite annoying, actually. I finally decided to do something about it yesterday and packed it up with a flash drive and went to my favorite computer store, The Mac Toy Store, which fixes out-of-warranty Apple products and also refurbishes and sells them.

It at first sounded like my beloved 13" MacBook Pro might just have a software problem, but after several tries and a look under the hood it turned out to be the worse possible outcome — a fried motherboard that would cost $800 new or $600 used. My 2009 computer, however, was worth at least $300 as a trade-in. You can probably see where this post is going.

A little later, after a swapped hard drive, I am happily typing away on my "new" 15" MacBook Pro.

Everything old is new again

I was pretty sad to bid goodbye to my 13" laptop, but the store owner and Mac guru assured me that it would live on in other computers. He also threw in a free silicone keyboard cover and soft carrying case for the 15" laptop to help soften the blow. All in all, not a bad deal at all, but not how I thought the day, or the transaction, would end.
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