Tuesday, June 18, 2013

bed 17

My mom took a fall yesterday. The kid heard it happen, 911 was called, and she was whisked to a hospital in record time. And then the big wait. First one ER, then another, at what was deemed a more appropriate hospital. As the seconds, minutes, and hours ticked away into a seemingly never-ending blob of incoming trauma patients that we could only hear through a curtained partition, I realized, that with all of her ongoing issues (dementia), we have really been lucky with mom. This was the first time we have had to go to a hospital with her in a very long time.


We are now in the wait-and-see mode, while the appropriate teams check her from stem to stern and make sure there was no damage to her head, spine, or hip (we got conflicting reports on the latter, but hopefully just an initial false alarm.) It sucks that she has to spend some time in the hospital, but she is in the best place for her at the moment. It puts us in "the zone," that emotional and physical place that seems like your regular day-to-day life, but just isn't. Not fun at all. But we're hanging in there.
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