Monday, January 27, 2014

mirror, mirror: the avengers

After having streaming television for a few months we are still trying to figure out how some things work. Like for instance, why some programs are available with our Hulu Plus — but only on my computer, not directly streaming to the TV. Luckily, we can do a work-around, by mirroring the laptop screen to the television, so last night I was able to share the British cult classic series The Avengers with the kid. We watched a few episodes, and I think she liked the mixture of science fiction, humor, and action-adventure. She jumped up and did some karate along with Emma Peel during "The Winged Avenger."

Emma and Steed discuss the case at his apartment

When she's not fighting crime, Emma enjoys more artistic pursuits

Although I'm still not sure about the online-only availability, mirroring does open up many more possibilities, as there are old films available on YouTube and other websites (Internet Archive, Open Culture) too ... Cable really does seem so last century lately.


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