Monday, March 10, 2014

fun at the faire

The kid and I checked out a renaissance festival this weekend. We had gone to the Maryland RenFest a few times when we lived in D.C. This one had a more casual air to it in many ways, but it also sported more activities that the kid could enjoy — some really ingenious rides and archery, etc. Less of an emphasis on performance, although there were comedy and magic shows and a really cool falconry demonstration.

There were also the usual busty ladies and pseudo-Shakespearean gents as well as a smattering of fairies, witches, pirates, and other fringe folk. All in all some great people watching and bad-for-you eats. But who can turn down chocolate-covered cheesesteak on a stick? Surely a ye olde middles ages favorite ...

Riding the dragon

A man-powered swing


It was a Game of Thrones-themed weekend

Watch out, Katniss


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