Monday, April 14, 2014

grimm: below the surface

Grimm is a television show that has been running on NBC since the 2011 fall season. Part procedural cop show, part fantasy, the series follows Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt, who is descended from a long line of hunter/protectors known as Grimms. After his Aunt Marie is killed, Nick inherits the family business, from her extensive weapon collection to some super-human abilities. Grimms have the ability to see Wesen, creatures with animal characteristics that live among humans. Many Wesen are dangerous to humans and prey upon them, but as Nick becomes more and more comfortable with his supernatural abilities he learns that there are friendly, even helpful, Wesen too.

Titan Publishing has recently released a companion book and comprehensive guide to the series, Grimm: Below the Surface. Using content compiled from previously published souvenir magazines, Grimm Exclusive Collector's Edition Special #1 and #2, the book covers all aspects of the show, from behind-the scenes props and special effects to the ever-growing and evolving Wesen mythology.


David Giuntoli plays Nick Burkhardt, a newly-minted Grimm

What Adalind Shade really looks like - the Hexenbiest

The 176-page book is nicely designed and is full of great color photos from the series. It covers the first two seasons of the series, and includes synopses of each of the 44 episodes. But what will truly thrill most fans are the many excerpts from "Aunt Marie's Casebook." Nick and the gang must frequently hit the books to determine what monster-of-the-week is plaguing Portland, but Nick's collection of Aunt Marie's notes and extensive illustrations of the Wesen community are usually only glimpsed in brief on the show. Grimm: Below the Surface features many detailed descriptions of some of the series' most popular monsters and otherworldly creatures, complete with useful factoids (physical traits, known enemies, how to kill them) as well as detailed illustrations. Profiles include: Grimms, Blutbad (Big Bad Wolves like Monroe), the bat-like Murciélago, Dämonfeuer, the toad-eating ladykillers called Ziegevolk, the lion-like Löwen and bee-like Mellifer, the zombie/witch Hexenbiest, and one of the creepiest yet most poignant Wesen, the Spinnetod, a sort of Black Widow portrayed by Amy Acker in "Tarantella." ...

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