Monday, May 12, 2014

mother's day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and the kid and I celebrated by ordering in from our favorite pan-Asian restaurant and just taking it really easy.


My mom spent the day in bed, where she is likely to be for quite a while. Earlier n the week I got a call that mom had a lump on her back — it turned out to be exactly what I expected, a compression fracture. She has had these before. There were a few zany back-and-forth calls with the nurses, suggesting that she might need to see an orthopedist, which would require hiring an ambulance and some health professional to take her. Luckily, once I spoke with her doctor he shared my feeling that there would be absolutely no point to put her (and me) through something like that. What would be the point? She is very frail. The best you can do in this sort of situation is to brace the injury, try not to move her too much or too strenuously, and let time heal.

All smiles when I was in earlier in the week to hang some of her paintings in her room at the nursing home

She loved seeing her art up on the walls
I love her version of a horse race a la Degas

That may have been more Mother's Day drama than I was looking for, but I have chosen to go with the flow, and not let things I can't change affect me. Mom and I are on our own, separate journeys. As are we all.


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