Wednesday, July 16, 2014

woman's world

Woman's World is a glossy, mid-'50s drama, with comedic undertones provided by June Allyson, and finally available on DVD on-demand.

The plot centers on automobile mogul Ernest Gifford (Clifton Webb) and his search for a new general manager from a small pool — three of his best and brightest salesmen. Gifford Motors' (not so loosely based on Ford Motor Company) corporate headquarters is in New York City, and Gifford intends to bring his three top candidates — and their wives — for a long-form interview and look-see. ...

Elizabeth and Sidney (Lauren Bacall and Fred MacMurray)

Katie and Elizabeth (June Allyson and Lauren Bacall) shop until they drop

... The set-up of the dutiful wives supporting their ambitious husbands may seem dated at first, but there are some slight (and surprising for the '50s) feminist undertones. Gifford believes that the success of top job is just as due to the wife as the husband, and he is as interested, if not more so, in the ladies. The film is splashy, but also truly entertaining, as viewers are taken on a tour of 1950s Manhattan and treated to some very cool-looking vehicles. The "Giffords," we are informed in the credits, are all concept cars of the Ford Motor Company. Also treated quite honestly is the toll a CEO's job will inevitably take on one's life; at home and otherwise. This country is so success-oriented that it is rare for a movie to depict both the good and bad aspects of reaching for the top. ...

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