Friday, January 23, 2015

favorite song friday: vinyl makes a reappearance

Going through a closet the other day I found some old 78 records of my mom's and probably her mom's. Most of them are recordings of historic events, like coronations (my mother was born in England and she and my grandmother lived there for the first five or six years of her life). I realized I had nothing to play them on, and picked up a turntable that can also convert them to digital files, if I wanted.

As I was showing my daughter how to play a record on the turntable I realized that I really missed my old record collection. I gave them to my cousin years ago, when I moved from DC to NY. Through the years I have replaced a lot of them on CD and now those have been replaced digitally. But there are some whole chunks, like my Kinks collection, that have never been replaced. I realized the other day that I don't want to buy digital Kinks. I'd really like to hear some of those albums, scratches and all. Watch them spin on a turntable. So I guess I need to start hitting garage sales ...


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