Thursday, April 02, 2009


Sixteen years ago today the old man gave up the ghost. I still miss him and it really stinks that he didn't get to meet his granddaughter. But I have his photo in a few key feng shui father corners in our house, so the kid knows her Grandpa Joe, at least through pictures. And stories, of course.

If the old man was around today, what would he consider a great way to spend the day? It would be optimum if his beloved Yankees were playing today, but the season starts tomorrow - missed it by just a day. Sort of like how he just missed the first of the month for his deathiversary, for which my brother and I are forever grateful, as April was a cruel enough month sixteen years ago, thank you very much. He would probably be debating what "just a bunch of millionaires" chances for the season would be. I'm not sure what he would think of the new Yankee Stadium, but I'm sure he would want to check it out.

He would have his own computer (he might have even built part of it) and be just as enchanted with the internet and its potentials as I am. He would probably not be at all surprised by the slow death of newsprint, but I'm sure it would chill his reporter's soul.

He would definitely want to catch a movie, whether in the movie theater or on TV, preferably one starring Richard Dreyfuss or Walter Matthau (pronounced Muh-towww.)

He would want to spend the day with his family, and if he tried to tell a joke, he would never get to the punchline, as he would be thinking about what was coming and get so excited, he would start to giggle and sputter, and turn red. Always funnier to watch than whatever joke he was attempting.

He would definitely drive me completely crazy at some point during the day. I think about how I am so very different from him in some ways, but so very much like him in others. I get cheered and chilled by this knowledge, but accept it, because that's how humans and families are. Sixteen years later I can still take a moment to think about him and miss him. Love ya, pop.


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