Thursday, April 09, 2009

sunday you need love, monday be alone

What. A. Week. And yes, I'm still reliving my Trio album...

Monday: Yoga, during a stretch I felt a :ping: in my lower back, so I immediately stopped what I was doing, to not overstretch. Ouch.

Tuesday: When I was doing my before-bed evening stretching, lying on my back with my legs straight up, I couldn't fully straighten my legs, the muscles were so tight. Uh oh.

Wednesday: I was sitting at a long morning meeting in a too-cold office and suddenly my right leg muscle around the knee seized up tight. I could still stretch it and walk on it, but my whole leg was sore and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. An evening warm shower and Vick's Vapo Rub (the miracle cure for anything that ails you) did seem to help. Yikes.

Thursday: My acupuncturist said that all my aches and pains (including my new [!] left shoulder ache) were a result of that :ping: When I asked him why so many people store pain and tension in their neck and shoulders he replied, "That's Good!" "Why?" "Because the neck is strong, it can take the pain - what if it was your stomach?" Well, as he well knows, sometimes it is, but this week the muscles are neck-and neck with my usual aches and pains. Heh.

Friday: Hopefully can sleep in and tension will be on the wane, as it's a no-work day for me...Yay.


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