Sunday, August 30, 2009

a very chowdah summer

I've been sampling New England clam chowder all the way from D.C. to Massachusetts.

The Jersey Shore version was a little heavy on the potatoes, but also had big chunks of clams (hey, it's da shore), so got a big thumbs up. Other samplings were less memorable until we reached Salem, which had a distinctly un-thick version - not bad, but not at all like any other N.E.C.C. I had ever had. Another bowl at another restaurant was the typical creamy sort.

At a snazzy Boston hotel I poured the soup, served in a small pitcher, over some buttery croutons in a bowl. Nice presentation, but very potato-y.

Tonight's bowl in Wethersfield, CT may be the best since N.J. Vacation ain't over yet, so the quest continues...


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