Sunday, September 27, 2009

baby squirrel

The other morning on our way to school we came across this baby squirrel in the middle of the sidewalk. He seemed frightened in general, but was not particularly afraid of my daughter, and kept coming up to her, looking, I think for affection and protection - and probably food.

Just when we were wondering how he could have got there, we heard a loud crack and another baby squirrel fell out of the large, nearby tree and hit the sidewalk. He was stunned, and I was afraid, at first, that he might not be alive. But he got up slowly and started to limp a little.

I was nervous for both little animals and was looking up in the tree for signs of a predator. But then a full-grown squirrel appeared, clicking and chirping squirrel-talk. The little kamikaze squirrel seemed to find his legs again and followed her (?) up the tree, chasing her around and around.

Our first little friend was just staying put on the sidewalk, looking rather lost. We hated to leave him there, but with the other squirrels nearby and no sign of a hungry cat or hawk, there didn't seem anything else to do. I hope the little guy made it back home. When we checked the same area this morning there were no signs of foul play, thankfully.

Ahh, nature, city-style.


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