Monday, July 12, 2010

the joys of the home office

I clocked a few hours this AM and sent out my first mass work email which was greeted by a flurry of "you're back!"s—even though I have been working and emailing for the past ten days. The old "out of sight" cliche rings true, apparently. Quel sigh.

Moving on, I reassured all and sundry and then clocked off and then clocked on to my other job, which is trying to make sense of my mom's finances and organize this place before the invasion of all my stuff, which continues on its leisurely progress from our nation's capital. Before you could say "moving van" a home delivery of some recently purchased patio furniture arrived, along with a phone call from my rogue stuff's truck driver, promising a crack-of-dawn delivery in a few days. Le yikes.

After the patio furniture was tried first on the back porch, then the front porch, then the back again (where it better stay), I realized that I was ready for a break, so I suggested we all go out for a little shopping and something to eat.

When we got back I clocked in for another half hour to check the fruits of my earlier mass email. Lots of responses, lots for me to do tomorrow. I clocked off and then did a little more sorting and organizing of the accounts. A little relaxation in front of the tv folowed,as my daughter reminded me I need to get up early in the morning if I want to get to the DMV. So tomorrow will have a slightly different pattern, but I suspect, similar results. Inching forward, one day at a time.

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