Sunday, July 04, 2010

sally fourth

It's been raining every evening since we hit Florida (and most afternoons, too.) I can't say that I really mind, since any weather is preferable to the 100 degree heat we were experiencing last week, when we were stranded in Virginia. Those days seem like a forgotten Twilight Zone episode now. I'm sure they will become real again when I resume car payments . . .

Today is the Fourth of July, and a glance outside the window reveals heavy clouds which promise rain. Again, I don't really mind. I can't think of a Fourth on D. C. where we didn't get some rain on the Fourth, from either a few "duck and cover" sprinkles to a full rain-out downpour.

So I'm not sure at the moment whether there will be any boom-booms on tonight's program. Another soggy Fourth, looks like. But at least this year I have the sound of the ocean in my ear.


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