Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday

Gingerbread lane
Today is Black Friday. Someone asked me if I got up early to take part in the feeding frenzy. I responded that nothing is worth getting up at 4 a.m. for. Seriously, I don't get it. I'm not a Xmas-time shopper. I usually buy things a few months before the holidays (sometimes eleven!)—things that strike me that might be appropriate for someone and then stash them away. I never have to hunt for that difficult gift.

Maybe I'm lucky that I don't have such a long Xmas list. Maybe I don't really invest that much time or money in it. I don't fret that someone will hate it or even keep it. I hope that they like it. I try to give them something that says a little something about me, and what I like and think they might like.

Of course, that all goes out the window with my daughter. She's going to get books I think she should read (or I should read to her until she can all by herself), and Santa is going to give her that one "big" toy—the one I would never fork over the dough for,  or would really be my taste, i.e. Disney-related—but I know she is dying to have. Since she is getting older (almost seven), this year there will also be a "big" gift from me—a bike—but it may not be here by Xmas. We'll have to shop for it together, to make sure it's the right size, etc. She's an ex-city kid and this will be her first real bicycle. We're both getting bikes. It's part of our "welcome to Florida" (welcome to the real world) initiation.

I've always had some issues with gift-giving. Once I got past the age of Barbies there weren't as many "things" that I had to have. In fact, unless the gift is a movie or a book, I'm usually a tad disappointed. I really don't want to try and find some room for any more "stuff." I don't begrudge anyone their thrill-shopping. Or our economy, which needs a boost. But I don't get the madness, the mania that accompanied today. The lining up. I had enough of standing on line and waiting—for everything—when I lived in New York. I guess for some Black Friday is a sport. Or being part of the crowd. Neither things that I ever aspire to. I did buy some groceries today.
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