Wednesday, November 03, 2010

hold the fry?

Stephen Fry made some remarks recently about straight women and sex that seem to have got the internets up in arms, from feminists crying, "foul!" to "experts" saying maybe he's on to something. I honestly don't get what all the fuss is about, why anyone would take these remarks seriously. I happen to love Stephen Fry, and the Mrs. I have for years.

Maybe the folks whose panties are so twisted don't really know who Fry is or what he's like. Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting too upset.

1. He's a homosexual. He is about as privy to the inner workings of a straight woman's sexuality as ... Well, he isn't at all. That's the point. If that's not enough to convince you ...

2. He blathers. And yammers. And splutters. It's his stock-in-trade. No one should be paying any real attention to about 80% of what he says, it's just static. And usually charming.

3. He's British. Why would anyone take a Brit seriously as a sex expert? It's not like he's French.

4. He's a comedian. They push the envelope, sometimes too far, but that's their job. I can't even imagine what the politically correct police would do if a Richard Pryor came onto the scene now.

It's amusing and possibly a little disturbing that some people are outraged that he claims that women don't like to go trolling for anonymous sex in the park. Like some gay men might. Poor women. These are all stereotypes and generalized blah blah blah, people. Bad cocktail party conversation, maybe, but not a call to arms. Are we really supposed to take this seriously? Seems to me that Fry is not the only one who's clueless about women and sex and talking about women and sex.

I hope Fry, after a self-imposed humbled interlude, continues to blather freely once more. Even blither. I'm quite upset that he isn't currently tweeting. I find his silence much more upsetting than anything "inappropriate" or "incorrect" he could ever tweet or say.

People who read such articles or opinion pieces on such articles should just R-E-L-A-X.

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