Sunday, December 05, 2010

tinsel and hysteria

We've started listening to the local holiday music station. I've been in Florida for Xmas before, but it was always as a visitor—it was exotic. But now that we live here, as much as I don't have any desire to see snow, especially after last year's three blizzards, it still feels a little surreal to see the strings of lights amid the sunshine and palm trees.

Somehow this version of We Need A Little Christmas by Johnny Mathis perfectly captures that desperation to try and get into the holiday spirit. I don't know if I'm just unfamiliar with his version—when I think of Johnny Mathis Christmas songs it's usually It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year that comes to mind—or maybe my ear is more tuned in to his hysteric phrasing this year.

Besides Johnny, what is really helping me get into the season is hearing my daughter sing along. It's amazing how last year she was just humming along and could manage maybe a few song lyrics. This year it is full lyrics, complete with inflections.
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