Saturday, March 05, 2011

computer + drinking = no

I just got my beloved MacBook Pro back from Apple. A week without one's computer can be quite tense, let me assure you. Amazingly, even though it required seven new or refurbished parts to get my lifeless life extension back to its old self, not one of those parts was the hard drive, so all of my data was fine.

This is a lesson kiddies, they're not joshing when they say to keep a glass of something far from your computer. Of course, after more than a decade of owning computers, using them at the workplace, and, I cannot lie, eating and drinking all manner of things in their vicinity, this is the first time something of this kind has happened. But be warned.

The other signal that maybe my recent series of unfortunate events may be taking an upturn is that all the work that went on under the hood cost me not a red cent. Thank you Apple. Thank you laptop gods. I got the message. I am a new woman. Now excuse me while I get up a find my glass in the distant kitchen, as all of this typing makes a girl thirsty.

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