Wednesday, March 09, 2011

rich girl throughout history

This tune has been going around and around in my head lately. Guess I'm in the mood for some blue-eyed soul and nobody does that better than Daryl Hall. When I hear this song it reminds me of being a kid and singing along while sitting in the back seat of the family car, probaby a Chevy Citation at the time, hoping my dad wasn't paying too close attention to the lyrics and wouldn't turn the dial to another radio station when Daryl sang, "It's a bitch, girl."

Looking around on YouTube, there are many versions to be unearthed. The pop music archeologist can discover an 80s version of the song, complete with Miami Vice-style ice cream-colored suits. But VH1 must have kiboshed the "bitch" lyric, as Daryl was forced to sing, "rich girl" over and over. It was just a few years later than this 1977 performance, but political correctness was the norm. Sigh. VH1, you know money, money won't get you too far, get you too far. Daryl still had a bitchin' voice, however.

Digging a little deeper, there's also another live version, circa 1985. It's from an outdoor Liberty Island concert, with the Twin Towers visible in the background. Daryl's mutton chops are beyond impressive, here, as is his voice. I also found one from 2003, a studio concert originally aired on A&E. I love this man's voice. And finally, the most recent version, carbon-dated from 2008, is a shaky fan video. But there they are, Daryl still standing and singing at the keyboards, Hall on his left, still great, still having fun. A video timeline.

Visiting some other related sites and excavations, I was happy to discover that more of Daryl and his music can be found on his monthly webcast, Live from Daryl's House, where one can study Daryl's fellow musicians, guests and friends, including Todd Rundgren. And listen to some great music, of course.

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