Monday, May 09, 2011

the reader

I have been trying to streamline my online activity lately. I'm not sure it will result in me spending less time online, but at least maybe my time will be more organized. I basically have decided to abandon Google Reader. As useful as it once was, as a depository for interesting sites and blogs, I just don't check in there much anymore. Most of the blogs I really follow are in my blogroll. Any larger sites usually have a twitter or facebook page. So I basically went through the very long list of links and migrated them to my twitter or facebook.

Some blogs, mostly image tumblelogs, I had to let go by the wayside. As much as I love fabulous or interesting images, I have reached peak saturation. At least for the moment. And I just don't want to start a tumblr blog myself. It's a whole other "follow me" situation, and I've got enough content to follow at the moment. So that's the state of the 'net for me. Right now. In another few months, who knows, I may have had to restructure and restrategize once again.

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