Saturday, September 01, 2012

sofa shopping

My mother hasn't done much furniture shopping over the years, except for a recliner for herself when she was having back issues. The living room couch has been here as long as I can remember — it was my grandmother's, so it was easily 35+ years old. It looked O.K. until the cats started to redesign the arms, but it felt not-so-O.K., and lately my back was beginning to really notice.

So I finally bit the bullet and we all went out sofa shopping. The kid enjoyed it a lot. A furniture store just became an indoor playground for her.


My mom was not as fascinated with the process, but at least this sort of shopping allows for frequent rest stops.


I finally decided on a sectional. We can move it around, break it up as chairs, if needed. Being Florida, a light color is called for to match the walls and rug, but I have also been equipped with a stain-fighting kit.


Now we just have to wait for it to arrive today, in the usual late afternoon two-hour delivery window.
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