Sunday, September 09, 2012

baby's first rally

President Barack Obama has been on the "first bus," stumping through Florida the past few days, and we were lucky enough to score a ticket to go see him today. His speech was everything the crowd had waited (a long time, in the blistering heat) for. It was positive, humorous when talking about his opponent, and inspirational enough to fire up the crowd.

We got this T-shirt in DC, pre-Inauguration
For all the waiting we did with about 6,000 of our closest friends, and the scores of tired feet there must have been (it was standing room only), everyone seemed in good spirits from start to finish. The kid only got cranky when she feared she wouldn't be able to see over the heads of the crowd to see him. I was afraid of the same thing, but mostly it was the sea of iPhones and iPads that were blocking my view. But we found a good spot near one of the crowd dividers — she could climb up a bit to get a good view, and I could spy him through a gap in the crowd, too.

She doesn't remember that this is actually the third time she has seen him speak in public. When we lived in Washington we attended the Inauguration, and we also went to the We Are One Concert for the President, both held on the National Mall. She was only four at the time.

As we stood on the long, hot line (where happily, the Obama team handed out free bottles of water and made sure everyone was properly hydrated) I entertained myself by trying to capture all of the interesting T-shirts. It was a fun, if tiring day, and one I am very glad to have shared with my daughter. How lucky she is to have had the President come and speak in her back yard.
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