Sunday, March 24, 2013

what's wrong with this picture?

We had lunch yesterday at a local drug store luncheonette. Yes, there are thankfully still some drug stores in the good ol' U.S. of A. that have lunch counters. It's a step back in time. We've learned not to order anything too fancy — just eggs or a burger, but it's a fun place to go to from time to time.

The tropical murals add a certain je ne sais quoi
After lunch we can peruse the shelves and do a little shopping if we like. The kid heads straight for the aisle that has toys in it of course, and today this caught my eye. Notice anything?

For Ages 3+  - Really?

Need a closer look?

That quite the outfit, nurse
What is the target audience for this doctor set? Is it just me? It says 3+, but the nurse looks more Benny Hill or '80s-era Madonna than what a little three year-old should be picturing during roleplay.

Nearby was a second, anime-style set which had artwork that was also a little weird, but at least seemed age-appropriate.

Aimed at a younger than 3+ audience?
Silly artwork, but pretty innocent

Oh well, the eggs were good.
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