Thursday, March 07, 2013

ladies of a certain age

I know I haven't hit my expiration date, but does everything have to start falling apart right now? Apparently a few body parts have hit theirs, however. I had to have my gallbladder removed five months ago. There's a disc in my neck that is bulging a bit and giving me some discomfort, so my chiropractor is "making me taller," on a machine that bears a remarkable resemblance to the medieval rack. I seem to have developed TMJ and an inability to tolerate gluten. And let's not even mention PMS, which seems to get a little stronger every year.

And the list goes on. My previously crooked and then straightened-when-I-was-a-teen teeth seem to be drifting again. Braces? The kid will probably have to have them in a year or so, and the orthodontist is hinting that I should consider it too — should we tag team? The ENT thinks that I should have my deviated septum re-deviated, too. Didn't any of these old repairs come with a warranty? Sigh. I've been breathing this way for quite a few years. Does everything have to be fixed? I'm not so sure.

The upside to all of this — middle age, let's face it — is that I have made some major dietary and life changes over the past year and I'm now back to my college weight. Maybe even a little lower. High school weight? Dare to dream. But my tummy troubles still exist, not instantly solved by removing a non-working gallbladder. I'm working on them, with the help of diet, acupuncture, and my naturopath/chiropractor.

I want to be around for my second half, so it's imperative that I stay healthy and get stronger. But does everything have to be perfect(ed)? I just want to feel good. Most of the time. I guess you choose your battles. Right now my focus is being able to eat without bloaty distress. Maybe once my gallbladder-less self gets used to its new diet, says goodbye to some old food favorites (aloha soda, ice cream, and salami), I'll think about the other stuff. Or maybe not.
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