Saturday, April 06, 2013

art show

We attended a local art show, the CityPlace Art Fair, last weekend. It was mostly the usual stuff - a mixture of jewelry, pottery and some serious and seriously amateur painting and sculpture. In  other words, a mixed bag. But I have to hand it to these folks who go on the road and try to sell their wares. It must be tough.

The show is set up down here a few times a year and this time a kinetic sculptor we have seen before, Frederick Prescott, was on hand again. He works in metal, and creates whimsical, large-scale artwork that is designed to be interactive - most of the animal heads move when touched, and touching is encouraged. Is it high art? I don't really know or care. We really enjoy interacting with these pieces, and I hope that one of the local businesses forks over the big bucks one of these days so that we can see one of these pieces more often.

Flamingos - perfect for Florida (and their heads move, too)

A boxing bunny for Easter

I liked the rusty tree with crows best, but I always like sculpture that tries to "re-make" nature

Taking the bull by the horns
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