Monday, April 22, 2013

oh great — more fast food

We have been watching a new restaurant get constructed on the main drag. The company has even posted signs that say, "Are you curious?" WE had to admit that we were. I wasn't sure what exactly I was hoping it was going to be, but when they put up the sign the other day my heart sank. PDQ Chicken. Great. More fast food. Fried food. A nugget emporium.

It looks nice — from the outside

Is this really what America should be eating — even more of the same old, same bad stuff? When I checked out the restaurant's menu online there were only three items on the menu that I could even consider eating — two grilled chicken salads and a grilled sandwich. But I don't expect I will be going there anytime soon. There have to be some companies that want to make quick-serve, more healthy food. We do have Panera Bread down here, but no Au Bon Pain restaurants.

Le sigh.


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