Tuesday, May 28, 2013

robert downey jr. and only you

Robert Downey Jr. has become associated with some iconic characters, real and fictional: Charlie Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man. But there was a period in his career (late '80s, mid '90s) when he was also doing fresh-faced romantic comedies, like The Pick-up Artist, Chances Are, Heart and Souls, and Only You.

Only You is mostly Marisa Tomei's film — until Downey shows up about halfway through and steals her heart and the audience's attention. Downey, even then, was always a bit of a fractious, acerbic presence on film. Undeniably attractive, he still couldn't play just a bland romantic lead. His character in the film, Peter Wright, must lie and trick his lady love into realizing that she has just met her, well, Mr. Right. This all takes place against the beautiful backdrops of Venice, Rome, and Positano, Italy.

La Bocca della Verità has played apart in many a movie romance
This beautiful white dress with cut-outs takes the film to another level

A very funny Bonnie Hunt and glammed-up Billy Zane both add to the proceedings as support staff for the romantic leads. Tomei has has never looked more doe-eyed. What also stands out about Only You is Marisa Tomei's fantastic wardrobe (designed by Milena Canonero) when she gets to Italy. She has three stand-out outfits, in red, white, and black that are as enchanting as the rest of the film. Between Marisa Tomei's gamine looks and flowing costumes and Robert Downey Jr.'s smart-alecky lover, Only You is one of the better romantic comedies out there.
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