Tuesday, December 03, 2013

the kid discovers mr. bean

Thanks to Netflix I am getting acquainted with many shows and movies that  I haven't seen in years. Ihave always liked the comedy of Rowan Atkinson, from his small parts in Four Weddings and A Funeral and Love, Actually to his epic craziness in his various Blackadder series and Johnny English spy soot films. But my all-time favorite comic performance is still "Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean" from his 1990s Mr. Bean series. I just had to share that episode with the kid, and not only did she love it as much as her momma, but she insisted on seeing the rest of the series. So we have hopped around, and then binge-watched from beginning to end all nineteen episodes. She even likes singing along to the Latin choral theme song.
Ecce homo qui est faba [Behold the man who is a bean]
Mr. Bean wants to go to the fun fair, but has also unwittingly invited a baby to tag along ...
These roller coasters are so dull
Maybe if I give the baby a balloon it will stop crying?
Or a lot of balloons?
It's awful that there are only nineteen episodes, but Netflix also has available the Mr. Bean animated series, which I had never seen before, so now we are discovering and enjoying together. There are a more of them — 26 double episodes, which is nice. After that, who knows, maybe I can start her off on Blackadder, too, as all four seasons are available ...


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