Monday, June 23, 2014

legoland fun

The kid and I checked out Legoland on a little mini-vacation this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, for both of us. We didn't do the water park, or one of the rides in the regular park that warned that we wouldn't get wet, we'd get soaked, but did pretty much everything else. We are in the middle of Florida's rainy season, so I came armed with umbrella, just in case, but last weekend ended up being sunny and hot — REALLY hot. Thankfully, the park has a lot of trees and places to catch some shade or duck into for some A/C. of course, those respites of cool also offer opportunities for purchase ...

Legoland June 2014
A super kid with some super heroes

Legoland June 2014
A Lego Movie poster made of Legos
Legoland June 2014
The kid took me for a boat ride
One of the Lego Chima characters posed for a picture (don't ask me which one or what Chima means)
Legoland June 2014
My DC friends would love the miniature city and Smithsonian Castle


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