Tuesday, June 10, 2014

nirvana's hall of fame

I caught part of the latest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on HBO recently and was really moved by the Nirvana performances. I loved how the band brought up some rocking' ladies on stage to play some of their songs with them. First up was Joan Jett, for "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

L-R: Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, St. Vincent, Lorde

The awkward reconciliation between Courtney Love and the band and Kurt's fancily on stage was weirdly touching, too, but it was the music that really brought up all the emotions.

Also performing with the band were Kim Gordon on "Aneurysm," St. Vincent on "Lithium," and Lorde for "All Apologies."

Kim Gordon on stage with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselić

My favorite rendition of a classic Nirvana song was by St. Vincent, who not only captured a bit of Kurt, but brought her own flavor to the song. Plus, her dress and hair were to die for.

These great performances not only brought back all the sad feelings at losing a talent like Kurt Cobain too soon, but made me realize how much I loved the band's music, and what it meant and still means to me. Still a punk in my heart, it seems.


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