Wednesday, September 10, 2014

birthday month

Being it's birthday week, I have been paying a little extra attention to horoscopes. The Hairpin had a quite delightful one the other day:

Virgo — In Greek lore, you were once a goddess named Astraea, last of the immortals to live in the Golden Age. As the Iron Age came on and Pandora’s box crept open, you fled to the heavens—up and away from the monstrosity of mortal life— and became the constellation Virgo. Legend states that one day you will return and bring with you the Golden Age you represented. I have no idea what that Golden Age would look like in this century but Virgo, I do know that this world is ready for you so come back.

There is nothing on Earth that you can’t face, nothing you have to be afraid of. Let this be your year of disillusionment, of staying present and asking for exactly what you need. Here is a beautiful song by BOY. Play it for me?

Happy Birthday Bright Star. When you return, from wherever you’ve been, there will already be a table set in your honor. You don’t need a costume or even an offering. Your arrival, your truest self, will be all we’ve been waiting for.

I like the Galactic Rabbit's horoscope so much, I found myself reading all the month's horoscopes. I may have to read them every month from now on, regardless of my birthday.


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