Tuesday, March 10, 2015

i love the bowery boys

No not these guys, although I grew up watching them and like them too.

These guys.

Greg Young and Tom Meyers (from Warby Parker)

I am addicted to their podcasts, which I listen to to on longer car rides. I left New York many years ago and don't really harbor even the tiniest desire to move back, but it's is in my blood. Growing up in New Jersey, "the city" was always a big focus and a draw. I lived there many years, in Brooklyn and then Manhattan — some of my most formative ones, going to college and starting my life as an independent adult and artist.

The Bowery Boys go way, way back in their New York histories, to the origin of places like Gramercy Park and Little Italy, but they also do more modern episodes, like one on CBGBs and another on subway graffiti art. I urge you to check them out. They also have me wanting to learn a lot more about some forgotten names that helped shape the city, like Joseph Petrosino, Hilla Rebay, and famous names who you might not have known had strong New York connections, like Rudolph Valentino. Once you listen to the podcasts you'll want to check out their blog for great photos, too.


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