Monday, May 04, 2015

game of thrones ... impressions

Game of Thrones finally did last night in "Sons of the Harpy" what I never thought it could do — make me kinda like Stannis. The scene between Stannis and his daughter Shireen was informative and, strangely, sweet. And another hint as to some potential Stone Men action before the season ends (look out Jorah Mormont, that's all I'm saying). Match that with Littlefinger sketching a "Stannis saves the day" scenario for Sansa at Winterfell, and his character may finally be getting interesting. Of course life in Westeros never runs smooth.

Sansa looking for a moment of peace in the crypts of Winterfell

Also up at The Wall the ever-creepy Red Woman made a super creepy sexy play for Jon and was rebuffed. At least she wasn't sniffing around for kings blood ... or was she? There were enough references to Rhaegar Targaryan and Lyanna Syark in this episode to drive fans of the internet R + L = J theory wild. The Red Woman also did get in the wittiest and mind-twistiest line of the episode, "You know nothing Jon Snow." We miss you too, Ygritte.

Jaime and Bronn were, no surprise, a dream team in Dorne. Jaime discovered his golden hand superpower, but the Sand Snakes didn't make much of an impression ... yet. Back in King's Landing Cersei, as usual, thinks she is in control of things, but everything is not always as it seems. Look out Tommen's momma, Margaery is a lot like her grandma and not someone you want to mess with. Just because you (think you) control a super violent religious fanatic death squad, that doesn't mean you're the Queen.

Tyrion was as keen as ever in his people-sussing skills. His assessment of his new road partner/captor Jorah Mormont was equal parts accurate and hilarious. Both of their roads lead to Meereen, where Daenerys still hasn't a clue how to be a ruler. As she takes the high road, she thinks, by denying the reopening of Meereen's fighting pits, the Sons of the Harpy took out two of her best and most beloved warriors, Ser Barristan (sob) and Greyworm (maybe).

The most striking thing for me about this episode was how the young 'uns are in charge, with differing results. Tommen is king in name only, with his mother and wife fighting over his puppet strings. Jon really seems to have it together at The Wall, where Daenerys in Meereen is lost in translation. Wake up and smell the revolution, Dany. But no fear, it looks like her dragons will be making an appearance next week.


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