Wednesday, May 20, 2015

short take on ... noah


What the heck? It was visually stunning at times, and then at other times incredibly murky and off-putting. But what really threw me was the character of Noah. Dude, seriously? The film may have been intended to be a heartfelt exploration of religious and spiritual feeling, but all it made me feel was how dangerous and fanatical people can be when they think they are right and acting in their god's or creator's or whomever's interests. Yuck.

And I'm not even starting on the freaky CGI animals. Or the absence of any race but white people. Director Darren Aronofsky may have done better to have just made it a pre- and post-apocalyptic science fiction story, based on the biblical chapters of Noah. Because what we watched was a sort of Waterworld meets Lord of the Rings with Noah as some mad Ahab. And it was way, way too long. 


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