Thursday, August 07, 2008

get that song outta my head!

For the past few days, drifting in and out of my consciousness has been an extremely (to me) obnoxious tune. I'm sure it was Top 40 or better, but it's truly a mess of a song. All over the place, first a love song, then pseudo-spiritual, then female empowerment. But what's worse is once you've heard it, it's insidious. I can't get it out of my head.

How did this happen? I switched from the rock radio station to the pop/rock station during commercials. I hate radio advertising even more than television commercials. And the song started playing...

But we live in the era of iPods. You can control your music, your content. This sort of thing never needs to happen! I actually have an MP3 player, but won't wear it while driving. Plus, as much as I LOVE Apple, Inc., I suspect that the company-saving iPod and all its progeny will create a generation of folks with tinnitus, at best, deafness, at worst. I really hate earphones.

And there's something to say for the radio, and the idea that someone else's point of view might be interesting. I like hearing an old tune come up in the play list that I haven't heard in a while, or a new tune that I would never have checked out on my own, but end up loving. I can get this experience from my local radio on the morning commute. I can also sometimes get it at work from Pandora.

So I guess that if the occasional Fergie song embeds itself into my consciousness, it's a small price to pay for exposure to this or this or this. Because even serving as our own DJs is limited by what we can download or already possess. Sometimes the element of surprise (even an unpleasant one) is worth it.

Pleasant surprise below. Here's hoping it replaces the other ditty...


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