Friday, August 22, 2008

jersey girl

Just back from a recent trip to "The Shore," where I grew up. Plenty of good seafood and the relaxed atmosphere of a beach community. But also something else.

I felt reconnected to something that has been missing. Can a person need to (re) connect to the land (or in this case, beach?) Maybe I'm just going through something, but driving around familiar haunts resonated louder than usual this trip. And pointed out that where I'm living now, as great as it is in many ways, has no real connection for me.

After all these years, can I still be "just visiting?" Not sure. I've always known that I need to be in a place that gives me the ability to make a living. It should also have art and culture and nearby friends and family are a bonus. But what about the actual land? I'm not talking trees and flowers, although they are also in the bonus category. But do I need to have some history with a place? I sure have that in NJ and NY, even Florida. Here, not so much. Except the "history" I am currently making, I suppose.

I'm not moving back to Jersey anytime soon. I was never a Springsteen fan. But there is something about the beach... A more relaxed lifestyle. There are lots of beaches out there...


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