Sunday, August 31, 2008

stormy weather

Since when is a hurricane a political opportunity? To show you care. To show your concern. Feh. We haven't even had the debates yet and I am so over these people.

It's hardly news that U.S. media is intellectually bankrupt or that the 24-hour information world we live in will spin anything into a story. My mom has lived in Florida for years, but for the past few years every hurricane (since Andrew), no matter the location or trajectory, has been spun into a potential imminent disaster, until the residents are truly in a frenzy. I'm glad she's got her hurricane shutters, but I'm tired of seeing her get so freaked out by the news reports.

Katrina was a true disaster and hopefully, New Orleans and its surroundings will not get pummeled again. Mother Nature can be a bitch. But instead of trotting out all these opportunistic photo-ops, couldn't we just actually help that city and its people, so it wouldn't be unprepared for a wicked storm?


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