Monday, February 02, 2009

are you socially inept?

Born in a barn?

Lacking in the social graces?

Possibly completely devoid of class?

Why else would you tap a woman's stomach and ask, "Have you gained weight?" And subsequently, after being stared down with a look of death tempered by disbelief, would you continue on with, "Is everything O.K.?"

What planet is such a person from? Apart from the social taboo of discussing a woman's weight, what about the invasion of personal space? Why should your victim feel obligated to start explaining PMS bloat or just having a "fat day" to the likes of someone like you?

My paternal grandmother used to say whatever came off the "top of her head," but I can't recall her being rude or making such a faux-pas. She was cute, even funny. This was neither.


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