Friday, February 20, 2009

fine whine

Why are most if us so turned off by the sound of a whining child? Apart from the obviously annoying sound of a whine, how does it hone in, laser-like, to the part of our being that makes our skin crawl?

I've been wondering lately that if I somehow squelch her whining I might be preventing her from having an outlet to vent her frustrations. At five she can't exactly have a girls' night out and slurp margaritas to blow off steam. If a kid's whine is constantly stoppered, will they grow up to be one of those annoying people who complain all the time and are just a drag to be around, thus channeling their years of frustrated whining into their role as the office bore? You know the type. We all know someone like that.

So depending on the occasion, I am considering, next time a whiny moment occurs (and I doubt I'll have to wait long to test my theory), I may just let her rip. Except if I'm just not in the mood. Or she's whining ad nauseum about the same darn thing. Or the sound of the whine feels like something hard and sharp boring into my brain. You know, except for that...


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