Tuesday, October 13, 2009

mean girls and boys

Recently posted by a facebook friend was a link to a website only in existence since August, 2009, People of Walmart.

I started flipping through the photos of bad fashion, etc. and then flipped away. I can't argue with the fact that some people wear some pretty short shorts or see-through outfits that most folks would be afraid to sport in public. But to write a nasty caption below each picture just seemed juvenile and nasty. And posting someone's unflattering photo online without their consent, while not strictly illegal, definitely is not a positive human action.

Sorry, not a "LOL" as advertised.


I kept thinking about the crappy site, considering a caveat on facebook, and then flipped back and looked at the "About Us" section, to see what was the justification for this exercise in humiliation. What a bunch of cowards. "AJK," "ADK," and "LDW" could have included photos of themselves in some horrible outfits in the superstore's aisles and then it might have been a little less depressing, or at the very least a lame attempt to get in on the joke.

I recently read a comment on a website that pointed out a link to obesity and lower-incomes. Poorer folks don't have the money to spend on a lot of the other distractions - nights out at the theater, expensive clothes, jewelry, etc., etc. that make some folks who have the money to spend on such entertainments feel like they are treating themselves. But a poor person can surely super-size their meal or buy some Krispy Kremes for a snack. In its posting of pictures of folks shopping, this website was pointing out mostly fat people. And ridiculing them. Sigh.

I hate to be ageist, but I truly think that the crew of idiots who put this together and others who might think that it's LOL-worthy must be, frankly, twenty-somethings. Being twice as old as these jokers I just don't find it worthwhile to hide behind a veil of superiority to make myself seem "cool." That is a pose sought by the young. At least I hope they are just young and stupid. Only someone who hasn't lived, hasn't struggled, has been so far in their lives cosseted from depression, loss, or bad luck could put something like this together.

They at least are featuring their critics along with their fans. My fear is that link on their site is just some smart-ass cocky badge of courage. But there is no courage here. Only meanness.


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