Monday, October 26, 2009

this is A-Rod's first World Series?

Wow. Alex Rodriguez really surprised me last night when he admitted amid all the showers of champagne, that this will be his first World Series. Has it been that long? It feels like the Yanks have been closer, and that Rodriguez has put us through enough for three or four. Well, good luck Alex. You've been amazing so far this season. It's interesting that a lot of the announcers have been dropping the A-Rod moniker. Guess they are taking him seriously, just as he is, finally. It was also great to see all the dopey sports mouths proved wrong last night as they lamented pre-game about the Yankees choice of a pitcher to face off the Angels. Baseball is a lot about the numbers—after the fact. But it's also about heart and sheer push. Andy Pettite was great. As was Mariano. And of course, Mister Rodriguez.


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