Friday, April 23, 2010

the end of project runway

Emilio wuz robbed. I love Seth Aaron, and am happy for him and for his family, but the "good guy" winning, was still . . . unfair. The judges telling Emilio that he made a clothing "line" as opposed to a collection. Oh really? And what were Seth Aaron's storm troopers and color-blind Mila's 60's chicks? Those were collections?

Emilio may not have been the most loved by Tim Gunn or the audience. He was cocky. He was a diva. He's a fashion designer, big woop. He also consistently made the best clothes, bar none, except my other fave, Jay, who was completely overlooked and inexplicably dissed.

All of the drama is way too reminiscent of my actual days at Parsons. I started watching Project Runway because of that connection, and because it was a show about creativity, the designers' challenges structured much like the weekly assignments I used to have to muddle through at art school. But the show, post-Siriano, has gone downhill. I swore off it last year, only to be sucked in this year mid-season by one of Jay's spiffy pleated skirt ensembles. But I think this is really it. I quit you, Project Runway. Your "competition" is a farce, as so many of the designers actually make it (off camera) to fashion week (and BTW - Anthony's designs were fun and fabulous - just like him), and your pandering to whatever you think will make "good television," rather than great design is too much. The half-hour after-show was especially hateful, as Tim Gunn showed clips of the exhausted designers and models bitchily tearing each other apart in their "confessionals" and then asked them, "What do you think about ___ calling you a ___?" Give me a break. I quit you, Project Runway.

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