Monday, April 19, 2010

i figured it out . . . well, not exactly . . .

LOST is such a wacky show that it gets into your brain and you get "flashes" that make you think may have solved it all. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, this week, alchemy suddenly seemed key to me. Jacob said that the Island is a "cork," after all . . .

Could Jacob and Smokey be two parts of the same entity? Is that who those two boys are running around the Island? Lostpedia confirms "they" are played by one actor, but one is blonde, one brunet . . .

In alchemy, The Androgyne is a symbol of alchemical balance, Male & Female; Black & White. Remind you of a certain set of scales, anyone?

Additional random thoughts:

Michael told Hurley that he was one of the "whisperers," and was bound to the Island because of what he had done (murder.) The whisperers may truly be the Others, for real this time. There are so many of the Losties who have done bad things—does this mean that we will soon be seeing once again Ana Lucia, Rousseau, and dare I hope, Mr. Eko? Sawyer and Kate, etc. better not bite it on the Island, or a job opening as whisperer looms large in their future . . .

Desmond and Smokey at the well:
Desmond: "You read my mind." That is Smokey's forte, and I think he knew as soon as Desmond said he was John Locke that Desmond was lying and on Team Widmore. But Desmond had Smokey sussed, too. And Smokey wasn't reading Desmond as easily later: "Why aren't you afraid?" Even though Desmond was wearing a red shirt in that scene, I am confident he will make it through until the last episode. He might still be the ultimate sacrifice, however. Misleading promo editing aside, I actually fear that Zombie Sayid may bite the big one Tuesday. We'll see.

Desmond knows he has a son named Charlie. I don't think there are "two" Desmonds, just like there aren't "two" Eloises. Desmond knows what's what, and can trip through time, Sideways and Island-ways.

"Whoosh" transitions:
In every episode this season we have heard the sound of a plane when making a transition from the Island to the Sideways world. That is, every episode except the Locke-centered one. In that episode the scene transitions were the sounds of the smoke monster. I have been convinced for a while that Sideways is Smokey's dream come true, and it is what will happen if he escapes the Island, if "evil is on the loose." And more than just that, but I believe that his form of "escape" is to live as John Locke, happily ever after, with Helen. I think the makers of LOST leave us breadcrumbs from time to time and the Smokey "whoosh"sound effects, since they have never been repeated, seem like a huge clue to me . . .

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